White Vase, (Ode to Avery) 2011, oil
053 Pasture and Pond (Ode to Elissa Gore), 2007, watercolor & oil pastel 8x12 in.
012 Still Life with Oranges (Ode to Matisse), 1990, oil, 48x36 in.
076 Still Life: Japanese Vase with Roses and Anemones (Ode to Van Gogh), 200?, oil, 24x20 in.
100 Mountain Lake (Ode to Avery),
103 Red Sky (Ode to Avery), 2007, oil, 36x48 in.
035 Shimmering Birch (Ode to Avery), 2009, oil, 30x24 in.
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